Saturday, October 22, 2005

A night of stars

Hi all,
hope you have sufficiently recovered from last night's excitement: Did you enjoy yourselves?

The moments after some celebration always seem like a vacuum. And right now in the quietness of the saturday afternoon it seems even more apparent; the evaporating memories of last night might be more vivid and fresh, but it is the scenes of various events and places that took place for us in the past 3 years that mean alot more. It is hard to imagine how each year, 2003, 2004 and 2005, has presented a different flavour of 2 Toh Tuck Terrace: the pond, the canteen, the 2nd year classroom near the staircase, LR, the field, the quadrangle, the library. Imagine the change that has gone on in a mere 36 months!

I know I was looking forward to last night cos the weeks seemed to build up to it (on the teachers' side as we rehearsed and fretted and planned).

It was a night when everyone really showed off their individuality and hopefully it wasn't just a flash (and 'flesh') parade.

How about sharing the photos here? There were so many cameras!

oh well, reality bites. Back to work.
I think after the final burst of fire (when's the last paper and what paper is that?) we might even meet for dinner or something!


Saturday, October 15, 2005

Coastal geomorphology

Hey all who are reading (I know you are few, and really u SHOULDN'T be reading this now at this crucial period right??)

Well no. Breaks are important. Sanity is important. Personal hygiene is important.

Don't stop being a person just because of the exams; remember those around you who are still affected by your words and actions.

On the other hand,
For those of you who are thinking 'I've still got time lah; dont feel like studying leh....still got 2 weeks for me to cram and spit out'....
I got only 2 words for you....

Maximise your chances and make some sacrifices: if it means taping those Korean/Jap/Chinese/etc. dramas and saving them for after the 'A's.

On my part I'll try to finish marking as fast as I can.
(Dawn, Weiling, Grace your essays are still with me...come and collect)

(Sofia, Riana, Farid, Imran, Zabid, ...your report book is still with me!!! shocking eh?)

Ok this week's Geog paper 1 lecture: I (or Mrs Khoo) will be going through the coastal essays from GCE 2003 and 2004.
for GP,

I will be going through the VJC prelim essays (for tutorial) and the comprehension on wednesday.

Pls book consultations with me, especially with work you have done.

Pls try your best and give yourself the chance. Ok, at least work real hard until friday when you can enjoy an evening at Pan Pacific, right??

Ok now...what has this got to do with coastal geomorphology?

Just a map showing where wetlands (salt marshes occur)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Where in the world is everyone??

I am a little disturbed by the number of people I see in school everyday...
actually I'm not surprised by the number.
I am disturbed that those who actually need it more are staying away from school!

Yes! You! You who wrote those amazingly funny things in your prelim scripts, you who left the papers blank, you who do not know how to answer data response questions!

You should be here finding out what went wrong and how you can tackle the questions. You should be here consulting your tutors on how best to make last minute preparations for the impending 'A's.

BUT you are not. You are sleeping in and studying at home, thinking it is the best place to study. Of course, no doubt, some of you may be really diligently at your books 18 hours a day.

But tell me, how do you know whether you have mastered what you read? Do you do your questions to see if you can actually write out your answers?

Have you even collected your papers to see where you have gone wrong??

I hope you are taking tyhe 'A' levels seriously...