Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Where in the world is everyone??

I am a little disturbed by the number of people I see in school everyday...
actually I'm not surprised by the number.
I am disturbed that those who actually need it more are staying away from school!

Yes! You! You who wrote those amazingly funny things in your prelim scripts, you who left the papers blank, you who do not know how to answer data response questions!

You should be here finding out what went wrong and how you can tackle the questions. You should be here consulting your tutors on how best to make last minute preparations for the impending 'A's.

BUT you are not. You are sleeping in and studying at home, thinking it is the best place to study. Of course, no doubt, some of you may be really diligently at your books 18 hours a day.

But tell me, how do you know whether you have mastered what you read? Do you do your questions to see if you can actually write out your answers?

Have you even collected your papers to see where you have gone wrong??

I hope you are taking tyhe 'A' levels seriously...


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