Saturday, October 22, 2005

A night of stars

Hi all,
hope you have sufficiently recovered from last night's excitement: Did you enjoy yourselves?

The moments after some celebration always seem like a vacuum. And right now in the quietness of the saturday afternoon it seems even more apparent; the evaporating memories of last night might be more vivid and fresh, but it is the scenes of various events and places that took place for us in the past 3 years that mean alot more. It is hard to imagine how each year, 2003, 2004 and 2005, has presented a different flavour of 2 Toh Tuck Terrace: the pond, the canteen, the 2nd year classroom near the staircase, LR, the field, the quadrangle, the library. Imagine the change that has gone on in a mere 36 months!

I know I was looking forward to last night cos the weeks seemed to build up to it (on the teachers' side as we rehearsed and fretted and planned).

It was a night when everyone really showed off their individuality and hopefully it wasn't just a flash (and 'flesh') parade.

How about sharing the photos here? There were so many cameras!

oh well, reality bites. Back to work.
I think after the final burst of fire (when's the last paper and what paper is that?) we might even meet for dinner or something!



Blogger Wombat said...

I was Googling for 2 Toh Tuck Terrace and one of the hits is your blog. Actually I am trying to locate on the web any references to Toh Tuck Secondary School, where I did my sec education from 1977 until 1980. Sadly, I could not find any, and then I found out TTSS is no more and has become MI. The only consolation I got is by using Google Earth to get a satelite photo of MI now and glad to say I found it, although there are a lot of changes. The old annex building is demolished (!!!) and the football field is no more (!!!). Oh well...

2:28 PM


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