Friday, September 09, 2005

The eleventh hour is upon us

I can already feel, very concretely, the panic growing and the frenzy rising.

I get an average of 7 smses per day with questions on Physical geog.
I should be happy with your diligence, though I wonder if this level of awareness shouldnt have started a year ago. :P

I realise I might have neglected answering some of your smses simply because you messaged me while I was at course or eating or whatelse and I didnt reply you immediately. I might have also forgotten to answer and deleted the message.

My apologies.

Can I ask who requires me to stay back on monday evening for night study to consult about the paper?

In the meantime, pls have a look at the syllabus document and get a feel of what the entire subject is about.
If you are reading this doubtless you have internet access. Do your research beyond the notes WHILE CONSULTING THE SYLLABUS DOCUMENT cos some information might be presented which are not that crucial in the syllabus. Research CAREFULLY.

All the Best!


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